Ohm Studio (audio patterns handles)

Ohm Force has released a new revision of its Ohm Studio real-time collaborative digital audio workstation for Windows and Mac.

Start a project, invite musicians and make music together. It’s as simple as that. Download the application and join a worldwide online cohmunity of musicians and producers. Ohm Studio, together sounds better.

Changes in Ohm Studio Rev. 71285

  • New: Audio Patterns now have handles to adjust their Fade-in, Volume and Fade-out values. Select one (or more) Audio Patterns, go to Edit mode, then click and drag a handle to edit its value, or double-click it to set it back to its default value.
  • Improvement: the new overhauled server architechture provides faster project loading/unloading and project “isolation” (if a project crashes or takes a long time to load, other projects should no longer be blocked or slowed down).
  • Improvement: the Volume parameter of Audio Patterns is now expressed in dB (rather than in %) and can now be used to boost the level of a Sample above its original value.
  • Improvement: Aux Racks can now be renamed and freely moved inside the Mixer view.
  • Improvement: mouse cursors have been updated to adopt either a Windows or a Mac “look and feel”. Choose between the white (Windows) or black (Mac) cursor theme in your Display preferences.
  • Fix: fixed several bugs with the mouse cursor image not refreshing properly (e.g. the Eraser tool could sometimes be displayed instead of the Arrow tool)
  • Fix: fixed a bug that caused the status indicator of the Chat panel not to work (i.e. it was always green).

The new Ohm Studio application is available to download now.

More information: Ohm Studio