Real-time collaborative digital audio workstation Ohm Studio has been updated, featuring new authorship information and a session participants list in the Inspector.

Ohm Studio update

Changes in Ohm Studio rev. 69688

  • Added authorship information in the Inspector (for Racks, Plugins, Tracks and Patterns).
  • Added list of participants to the session in the Inspector, along with some functionalities such as “match John’s mutes and solos”.
  • Fixed buzzing sounds that could be heard in VSTs that don’t support processReplacing.
  • More strict check for similar VST identifiers: Ohm Studio won’t try to load ‘Guitarist’ instead of ‘Guitar Rig’ among other cases.
  • Corrected a bug where refresh button and chat textfield wouldn’t be accessible in dashboard.
  • Corrected double-full-screen-related bugs.
  • Corrected a bug where sample downloading/uploading could fail.
  • You can hide / show the chat and mixer view (o and p shortcuts respectively).
  • Misc bug fixes in the Modular view.
  • Reduced occurences of disconnections from server.
  • Fixed sample download / upload and others problems for Windows users using a foreign locale such as Japanese or Russian.
  • You will now be clearly notified when an incoming update is on its way.
  • Misc fixes and improvements.

The new Ohm Studio application is now available to download.

More information: Ohm Studio