OhmLab SubGenre

OhmLab has released SubGenres, a mini soundset for Native Instruments Massive featuring 6 sub bass sounds.

If you are looking for a typical, plain old sub bass this is not the collection for you! SubGenres Vol. 1 is a new approach to sound design below 30Hz, and it’s going to help take your music to a whole new dimension.

You will not only feel the bass deep down in your bones, but you will also be able to hear the impact it has upon your sounds. That’s right, these sounds surpass the audible threshold on both sides. One of the many benefits of this new approach is that your fans don’t need a high end sound system to enjoy some of the extra low end presence. Adding new character and definition to your kick drums and baselines like you’ve never experienced! And with the 8 fully programmed Macro controls, you can tweak parameters like pitch, distortion, feedback, release and many other unique parameters that dig deep into the potential of NI Massive with a simple twist of a knob. Long gone are the days of sub bass that simply is what it always was. This is sub bass that gives you complete control!

The SubGenre set is available to purchase from MassiveSynth for $2 USD.

More information: MassiveSynth / SubGenres