Industrial Strength Samples has launched Old School Hip Hop Essentials, a compilation of 12 packs bundled at a 70% discount.

Industrial Strength Samples Old School Hip Hop Essentials

In this pack you will find rewinds, jitters, scratches, table stops, vocoder fx, vocal cuts and a large selection of old school drumshots from a huge collection of vintage drum machines and sounds from the ’80s and ’90s.

You get a handpicked collection of samples to inspire your next Old School production or remix. This spot on bundle packs a really big punch. This new Bundle hits the Old School mark. This amazing bundle includes everything you can think of to inspire old school vibes in your next track.

Old School Essentials features Rewind, All of our Drumshot packs, Audio Devises, Mickey Flair Vocal pack, All of our Slice packs, plus we tossed in 6 Blocc’s Electronic Vocoder sample pack in for good measure.

The bundle includes three volumes of Slice, four Drumshots packs, Rewind, Brooklyn Breaks, Audio Devices, Micky Flair Vocal Pack, and Vocoder.

Old School Hip Hop Essentials is available from Loopmasters for £59.94 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters