Raw Loops has launched Old School Music Loops & Hits, a sample pack featuring 100 vintage inspired loops and 169 old school sounds.

Classic Hits & Retro inspired loops, this sample pack combines the best elements of yesteryear with cutting edge processing.

169 hits, stabs, synth shots, bass hits, and much more, are included here with multiple variations to guide in the creation of very “alive” sounding elements within your record.

Also included are 100 musical loops working these sounds to either be used as is or work in with some inspiration and utilize sample chopping techniques to create your own, either way we’ve got you covered.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $14.99 USD.

Moog Bass features a collection of 30 raw analog sounds created with the Moog Sub 37 and mapped out for the Sampler in Ableton Live.

Raw Loops Moog Bass

30 Moog Bass presets for the Ableton Sampler instrument plugin.

The infamous sound of moog bass is fully covered here with every sample created with new Moog Sub 37 analog synthesizer. Super subby, thick, round, hard hitting and full sounding all out bass samples.

Tweak filters, ADSR, pitch envelopes and much more inside of ableton’s sampler with these raw uncut moog sounds.

Moog Bass for Ableton Live is $17.99 USD. All of the individual one shots are also included in the pack so they can be used in any sampler.

Raw Loops SA Kick 2 Presets

Also released is Sonic Academy Kick 2 Presets, a collection of 50 powerful kick drum presets for the KICK 2 plugin from Sonic Academy, tweaked and layered for extra weight and snap.

50 Sonic Academy KICK 2 Plugin – Kick Presets sculpted and crafted with RAW Loops Kick drum sounds for the ultimate deep smacking drum samples perfect for all electronic genres.

The illusive powerhouse of any dance track is the bass drum and these presets give you a multitude of options along with this plugins extremely powerful sculpting abilities.

The presets pack costs $11.99 USD.

More information: Raw Loops