Olympus LS-7

Olympus has announced the LS-7, a compact and simple to use “pocket” linear PCM recorder.

On one hand, the Olympus LS-7 Linear PCM recorder with superior-to-CD quality sound, three sensitive microphones, pre-recording function, and more, is easy to operate. You will find a ton of usefulness packed into a slim package weighing 3.17 ounces. Just turn it on. You will be amazed.

LS-7 features

  • 24 Bit/ 96 kHz linear PCM recording – Sound that’s even better than what you hear on a compact disc. Every nuance of every note and syllable is captured and played back with a rich and resonant quality.
  • 4GB internal memory and removable Micro SD card capability – With 4GB of internal memory you’ll be able to capture hours of music, lectures, and more – and still have room to store documents. For even more storage, the LS-7 is microSD card compatible.
  • 3 microphones (stereo directional mic and center omni directional mic) – The LS-7 employs two condenser stereo mics and a center, omni-directional mic capable of capturing lower bass ranges as low as 20Hz. The 45-degree outward positions of the two condenser mics enable users to record with wider stereo sound.
  • PCM (Wa), MP3 and WMA recording – Select from one of three standard recording formats: WAV, MP3 or WMA. The availability of three compatible formats increases the versatility of decisive, on-the-spot audio recording.
  • Via USB or optional ac adapter for charging battery – With a USB cable or optional AC adapter it is easy to charge your recorder. You can also quickly transfer your files over to your Mac or PC via a USB cable.
  • File divide, move and copy – Divide files and make partial cuts right inside the device. Or, move and copy files between the internal memory and the micro SD card, which makes it easier to switch to a different micro SD card on the go.
  • Recording level setting – Recording preferences can be fine-tuned with a Level function that’s clearly displayed, along with a PEAK indicator, on the recorder’s bright LCD.
  • Voice guidance – Voice feedback for actions lets the user operate the LS-7 without looking at the display.
  • Voice activation – Voice Activation makes automatic starting and stopping of the recorder an extra benefit that saves time and energy.

The LS-7 is expected to ship in March, for an estimated street price of $199.99 USD.

More information: Olympus