Omenie Ellatron

Omenie has released Ellatron, a virtual Mellotron application for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Finally, the iPhone music app you’ve been waiting for. All the groovy 60s sounds of a Mellotron, but a lot more portable. If you’ve been hoping to recreate the genius of Strawberry Fields or Days of Future Passed, Ellatron is the way to do it – and it couldn’t be easier.

Ellatron features

  • 18 different voices, from classic Mellotron-esque orchestral string sections, chamber strings, woodwinds and flutes + a selection of organs, synthesizers and thumping drum loops.
  • Classic 3 octave range of the Mellotron M400.
  • Keyboard is split into 2 independent manuals, each of which can represent either the upper or lower half of Ellatron’s range. Each manual can be assigned a different voice (or ‘Tape Frame’ in Ellatron speak), allowing simultaneous Strings and Brass, Flutes and Choir, or any of the multiple organs or synths integrated into Ellatron.
  • Selectable ‘Wow and Flutter’ for that authentic tuning instability!

Ellatron will be continuously updated, and the next major release will include a rich multi-voice sequencer, supporting 32-note polyphony on up to 8 concurrent Ellatron instances.

Ellatron is available from the iTunes App Store for $2.99 USD.

Visit Omenie for more information and a demo video.