One Man Tribe has announced the release of two new sample packs with the percussion sounds of the doundoun and cajon instruments.

DounDoun Beats features a collection of massive rhythms from the .

DounDoun Beats is a pack with a total of 60 loops. 20 massive rhythms all dedicated to the mother of all drums, The Doun.

This ancient drum is usually played as the bass drum and accompany to the Djembe. This pack gives full respect to this important drum with a variety of feels, beats and rhythms. Together with the massive 20 loops you will also get the Doun parts separated and the accompany drums separated to individual loops as well.

Also available is the Surprise Box sample pack made only with a Cajon percussion instrument. Different from Ben’s usual sound, Surprise Box explores new directions.

A total of 40 loops including 10 Full Beats each recorded with three different layers and each layer treated with an individual automation to create a breathing, live energy beat with a deep electronic intensity.

The other 30 loops are the multi tracks for you to mix and edit. The Cajon is actually just a box… Check out the surprises I left inside.

The DounDoun Beats pack is available for the intro price of $2.99 USD, and the Surprise Box is a free download.

More information: One Man Tribe