One Small Clue Poise

One Small Clue has released Poise, a percussion sampler VST instrument for Windows PC.

While at heart Poise is just a sampler, it has been designed from the ground up with drums in mind. The workflow and options available have been tweaked to this end.

Poise features

  • 16 Drum Pads.
  • 8 Samples per Drum Pad.
  • Multiple Sample switching modes:
    • Round Robin.
    • Random.
    • Trigger All (for layering multiple samples).
    • Support for velocity splits.
  • Inbuilt sample browser with preview.
  • Drag and Drop sample loading.
  • 2 – 16 stereo outputs.
  • Comprehensive Pad and Sample editing with:
    • Amplitude + Pitch Envelopes.
    • Volume + Balance + Pitch.
    • A user assignable FX module.
    • Humanisation.
  • Edit multiple pads simultaneously.
  • Does not break when samples are moved.

Poise is available for purchase for $49 USD. A demo can be downloaded from the product page (becomes silent after 15 minutes).

Visit One Small Clue for more information.