OneLeaf Software releases KeyMce


OneLeaf Software has released KeyMce, a Mackie Control Emulation software for Windows.

Mix your music from you laptop, without an external controller. KeyMce is designed for a laptop, however, it will work with a standard pc keyboard.

KeyMce changes your PC computer keyboard into a midi controller, sending midi messages similar to the Mackie Control Universal (tm mackie) to control 1- 48 tracks.

KeyMce features

  • Fader feedback, when set up properly no control jumps.
  • Simultaneous faders -(total # depends on computer), author has 8 faders working simultaneously with feedback, fader speed adjustment, as well as bankable to 48 tracks.
  • Simultaneous vpots (pans or sends or plugins) control depending on daw. (Developer has 8 faders working simultaneously.)
  • Pans – faders mixed at the same time.
  • Multifunction mutes (like GenMce).
  • Mutes/solos/arms (bankable to 48 tracks).
  • Multi press functions from the same set of 8 F keys.
  • 8 ch selects (bankable).
  • Jog Wheel.

KeyMce was designed for Reaper and works in Ableton Live as well (future release will include plugin/return control). It may work with other DAW software as well, your mileage may vary.

KeyMce is available to download as “beverageware”/donationware for Windows PC.

More information: KeyMce

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Version 0.50.1 released.

– autodaw detection
– controls automatically mapped based daw
– significant support added for Cubase/Nuendo
EQ, plugins,
– significant support for Live – including Return tracks
– reset faders to 0db with esc + F1 – F8
– beverageware abandoned
– 10 day fully functioning – trial ware.

Commercial license = $20 donation
Non commercial license = $10 donation

Working on a blog site to allow comments, possibly wordpress or joomla… So much to learn, so little time.


Sorry to all that downloaded last version.
Jumpy faders now fixed.
Migrating to new host, rss feed available.


Oneleaf host down.
Go back to old shoshin site listed on orginal post.

Update .56 is now free – open source (GPL) now.
Source include in archive (autohotkey).

Should work with any key layout now.