OneLeaf Software has released KeyMce, a Mackie Control Emulation software for Windows.

Mix your music from you laptop, without an external controller. KeyMce is designed for a laptop, however, it will work with a standard pc keyboard.

KeyMce changes your PC computer keyboard into a midi controller, sending midi messages similar to the Mackie Control Universal (tm mackie) to control 1- 48 tracks.

KeyMce features

  • Fader feedback, when set up properly no control jumps.
  • Simultaneous faders -(total # depends on computer), author has 8 faders working simultaneously with feedback, fader speed adjustment, as well as bankable to 48 tracks.
  • Simultaneous vpots (pans or sends or plugins) control depending on daw. (Developer has 8 faders working simultaneously.)
  • Pans – faders mixed at the same time.
  • Multifunction mutes (like GenMce).
  • Mutes/solos/arms (bankable to 48 tracks).
  • Multi press functions from the same set of 8 F keys.
  • 8 ch selects (bankable).
  • Jog Wheel.

KeyMce was designed for Reaper and works in Ableton Live as well (future release will include plugin/return control). It may work with other DAW software as well, your mileage may vary.

KeyMce is available to download as “beverageware”/donationware for Windows PC.

More information: KeyMce