OneShot Recorder v1.1 released

Devine Machine OneShot Recorder

Devine Machine has released OneShot Recorder v1.1.

Instead of recording in your DAW or sound editor and have hard and boring time in cut/export , OneShot Recorder (O.S.R) will do everything automatically !

New in v1.1

  • Mono/Stereo recording switch
  • better pitch detect

General features

  • VST Effect, just insert in your FX chain to record
  • 128 Slots for record , MIDI triggerable, AUTO advance after each hit record,
  • Advanced 2 thresholds system (GATE and TRIG) , for lossless recordings
  • Export with extra info on pitch (32 bit wav file format, any samplerate)
  • Normalizing functions
  • Reorder functions by :
    • PEAK
    • RMS
    • LENGTH
    • DATE
    • NOTE
  • MagicSens(tm) : a new powerful way to capture the right hit !
  • 131072 FFT band analyse for note detection
  • detected MIDI note written as infos in exported wav file

OSR is perfectly suited for any kind of recording, or sampling session. Multisample is made easy using MIDI input selection. Automated MIDI external hardware multisample can be automated.

OSR is also suited to built huge sample libraries the easy way.

More information and available on the Device Machine website.

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