Punk Labs has introduced a new instrument plugin that is built around the concept of a Yamaha DX7 as a drum machine.

The OneTrick CRYPTID is a fantasy FM drum synthesizer that reimagines the TR-808 using only sounds from the DX7. Each of the 808’s original voices, and some new additions, are represented by their own DX7 emulator and patch.

We designed our own DX7 emulator, which each of the 18 unique sounds uses. And before you even have to ask, of course we included a reverse cymbal. We’re not monsters. The big notable features are Chromatic MIDI Channels and Multi-Out. So you can play a singular voice across an entire keyboard chromatically and have it on its own output bus for further effects processing and mixing separate from other voices.

CRYPTID features

  • 18 emulated DX7 sounds.
  • Multi-out or stereo.
  • Greyhole reverb.
  • Tanh saturation.
  • Chromatic MIDI channels.
  • Nondestructive modulation (CLAP).
  • All parameters are automatable.
  • No telemetry or analytics.
  • DRM free.
  • Open source to inspect, learn from, adapt, and improve.

Priced $35 USD, the plugin comes in VST3, AU and CLAP formats. The source code is free to download.

More information: Punk Labs