ADSR Sounds has launched a promotion on the Onii-Chan Kawaii Serum Presets collection by Digital Felicity, featuring sounds dedicated to the Kawaii Future Bass genre.

The pack contains 60 Serum presets, 20 Kawaii vocal shots, and a construction kits with rendered Wav files inspired by the likes of Yunomi, Wave Racer, Ujico (aka Snail’s House), Kotori, Shawn Wasabi, and more.

In this pack you get 60 Serum Presets all labeled with their specific category such as Chords, Plucks, Bass, Etc. Apart from sounds to help you create cute melodies, we also included some heavy dubstep presets as the kawaii future bass community is no stranger to making heavy screechy dubstep.

As if presets were not enough, we also included 20 Kawaii Vocal One Shots to be used in tracks such as pre-drop fill. Also included is the 160 Bpm construction kit for the demo track all rendered as wav stems for an easy drag and drop format.

Onii-Chan Kawaii Serum Presets is on sale at ADSR Sounds for $14.99 USD until August 1st, 2021 (regular $24.99 USD).