Online mix and mastering studio has announced the release of EU ProMixEQ-10A, a free high quality precise mixing equalizer by Marian Brezekhiel Brezovan.

Onlinemasteringstudio EU ProMixEQ 10A is complex of mix and mastering studios specialized in electronic dance music (edm, house, techno, psytrance, drum & bass, dubstep) mainstream genres (pop, hip-hop) as well as indie-alternative music. Studios are equipped with hi-end analog and digital equipment of renowned brands + custom / modified gear.

EU ProMixEQ-10A is VST plug-in mixing equalizer designed by Marian Brezekhiel Brezovan, who has more than 10 years of experiences with DSP coding / plug-in development.

EU ProMixEQ-10A is designed to produce precise musically sounding tones with minimum coloration, artifacts and harshness of sound, ideal as main mixing equalizer for individual instruments / tracks. Equalizer uses latest available technologies (DSP codes) of EQ/Filter virtual circuits to provide clean, high resolution sound.

ProMixEQ-10A features

  • Low cut filter: 18-60Hz with bypass option.
  • Low frequency BP EQ: 15-500Hz, Boost/Cut +- 15dB, wide Q 0.1 – 0.9.
  • Low-mid frequency BP EQ: 200Hz-3kHz, Boost/Cut +- 15dB, wide Q 0.1 – 0.9.
  • Mid-high frequency BP EQ: 700Hz-12kHz, Boost/Cut +- 15dB, wide Q 0.1 – 0.9.
  • High frequency BP EQ: 15kHz-21kHz, Boost/Cut +- 15dB, wide Q 0.1 – 0.9.
  • EQ Bypass on/off and preset manager with 12 example presets.

EU ProMixEQ-10A is available as a free download for Windows (32-bit VST).

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