Orchestral Tools has announced the release of the newest addition to its expanding series of Creative Soundpacks.

Aimed at producers and composers looking to capture the flavor of the lo-fi beat making movement, Opaline combines 3 elements to create a palette of calm but playful sounds perfect for adding a jazzy, introspective flavor to any musical production.

Delicate picked chords from a stratocaster weave around falsetto vocals and a soft, yearning trumpet. Play picked chords from the neck pick-up, chopped up and redefined via a unique performance system. Legato trumpet melodies and textures add air, while the vocalist ad libs like a poet. The processed patches can reach up to the skies or place roots, whichever way your mood swings.

Introspective yet deeply affecting, Opaline captures the sound of an imaginary trio writing songs for sedated lofi beats. Perfect for all contemporary songwriting, and for all kinds of scene-setting.

Available for the SINEplayer (VST/AU/AAX), Opaline is an sale for the introduction price of 59 EUR until April 20th, 2022 (regular 79 EUR). Prices ex. VAT.

More information: Orchestral Tools