Open Labs has announced the DBeat, its latest tool for DJs using VSTi’s in a live setting, playing and programming beats and recording your next full production.

The DBeat instrument was engineered for portability and power. Encased in an ultra-light aluminum chassis and weighing only 20lbs, the DBeat boasts more than 10,000 sounds with an additional 14GB of sounds that come with the included, full feature version of Ableton™ Live 7. Live DJ performance capability is taken to the next level with the inclusion of Open Labs’ edition of GURU™ and the proprietary virtual instrument host Riff™ – making DBeat the ultimate tool for using VSTi’s in a live setting.

Open Labs DBeat

DBeat comes loaded with a plethora of fully mappable real-time controllers, including Open Labs’ exclusive Bump MP™ drum pads, the Mix/Edit digital audio workstation panel, and comprehensive DJ controls including a cross-fader. DBeat puts “the feel” back in making music by including an integrated trackball, iPod-compatible cradle and 12-inch capacitive touch screen, which will be multi-touch capable with Windows 7 update.

The ability to directly connect USB turntables and the compatibility with virtually any software, including Deckadance™, Serato Scratch Live™, Traktor™, Pro Tools™, Reason™ and many more, make DBeat the ultimate DJ solution for studio, stage and club use.

DBeat features

  • More than 10,000 high-quality sounds, plus an additional 14 GB included with the full-feature version of Ableton™ Live 7.
  • Open Labs’ proprietary virtual instrument host Riff™ – the ultimate tool for live performance using VSTi’s.
  • Bump MP™ 17-pad drum module controller paired with Open Labs’ edition of GURU™ that includes eight engines, note repeat, chromatic mode, transport and more, gives DBeat all the feel of an MPC with none of the limitations.
  • Mix/Edit digital audio workstation controls include 8 plus 1 fully customizable faders, knobs and soft keys, and an additional 8 mappable knobs with a 2×20 LCD readout.
  • DJ panel with cross fader, 7 knobs, 2 encoders for pitch/BPM and 8 buttons all assignable to key parameters for live performance.
  • 12-inch capacitive touch screen (multi-touch capable with Windows 7 update) with an integrated trackball and an iPod-compatible cradle.
  • Comprehensive I/O capable of up to 24bit/96KHz audio with 4 in / 6 out including 2 phantom-powered mic-pres with DI’s, S/PDIF I/O and MIDI I/O.
  • Unlimited capability for running third party plug-ins, VSTi’s and applications, including Deckadance™, Serato Scratch Live™, Traktor™, Pro Tools™, Reason™ and many more.
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB hard drive, dual-layer DVD burner, and FireWire, USB, DVI-I Video and Ethernet ports for easy connectivity.
  • Portability perfect for DJs, music producers, and musicians on the go (26″L x 14″W x 5″H) and weighs approx. 20lbs.
  • Open Labs’ Edition of Windows™, specifically configured for music production.
  • One year of Open Labs Gold Support Services which include: one-hour “Get to Know Your Machine” session, remote desktop support via Internet in addition to phone and email support, and full parts/labor warranty coverage.

The DBeat will be available in June 2009 for $3,999 USD. There’s a $500 USD Rebate for pre-orders before June 10st.

Visit Open Labs for more information.