Open Source Audio Research has released version 1.3.0 of Protoplug, an on-the-fly scriptable plug-in using LuaJIT.

Open Source Audio Research Protoplug

Protoplug is a VST/AU plugin that lets you load and edit Lua scripts as audio effects and instruments.

The scripts can process audio and MIDI, display their own interface, and use external libraries. Transform any music software into a live coding environment!

Changes in Protoplug v1.3

  • New: An embedded interactive Lua prompt based on ilua. It allows you to quickly inspect or modify any globals in the current Lua state.
  • New: Live Mode. Check this new option to enable compile-as-you-type, in the traditional live-coding style.
  • Better host support and packaging. If you had any trouble with the 1.0 version, it may be fixed in the new version.
  • Modified the way parameters are created in the Lua API. This may break some previous scripts, but the fix is easy (check the examples for the new declaration style).

Protoplug is available for download for Windows, Mac & Linux.

More information: Open Source Audio Research / Protoplug