A new version of the Surge free synthesizer instrument is now available.

Version 1.6.5 includes many changes to the tuning implementation, some fixes and features in the VST3, new content, modulation enhancements, MPE fixes, UI and workflow improvements, bug fixes, and more.

We recommend everyone upgrade to 1.6.5; and at this point also encourage you to use the VST3 over the VST2 version.

Finally, the synth keeps improving because of thoughtful code, contributions, testing and feedback from the community. If you have an idea for surge or find a bug, please reach out to the team via our GitHub, slack, or other social media places. And especially if you are a windows C++ developer with virtual instrument experience looking for a cool open source project, we could use some help on a couple of things.

Surge 1.6.5 is now available to download, with binaries available for Windows, Mac and Linux in VST, AU and LV2 formats. Check the changelog for more details on what’s new.

More information: Surge