Orange Tree Samples has updated its Evolution Electric Guitar Strawberry guitar sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

After a year in development, we’re pleased to announce the release of the new Evolution guitar engine. We completely redesigned the interface and the scripting to greatly increase the playability and ease-of-use of the library. We’ve applied the updated engine to the Strawberry electric guitar sample library, and will soon release the Steel Strings acoustic guitar library as well. Future guitars in the Evolution series will also use the new engine.

Orange Tree Samples Evolution Electric Guitar Strawberry

Evolution Electric Guitar Strawberry with new interface & rewritten scripting engine.

Changes in Evolution Electric Guitar Strawberry

  • Built-in effects processing. Evolution now includes an assortment of virtual stompbox effects and guitar cabinet impulses.
  • Pick position modeling. This feature realistically reproduces the timbral differences of a string plucked in different areas.
  • External presets. All the effects, mapping, and performance settings can now be stored in external preset files. That means that you don’t have to reload the entire library to audition different presets. It also means that the presets can be easily shared with other Evolution users.
  • Reduced memory footprint. Using dynamic sample purging, the Evolution guitar engine only loads the articulations you’re currently using to reduce memory usage and speed up loading time.

The sample library for Kontakt 4/5 (requires full retail version) is available to purchase for the (re-)introductory price of $139 USD until until May 31st, 2012 (regular price $179 USD).

More information: Orange Tree Samples / Evolution Electric Guitar Strawberry