Orange Tree Samples has announced it has released upgrades for its Evolution Strawberry and Steel Strings sample libraries, encoding the libraries for the free Kontakt Player.

Orange Tree Samples Evolution Strawberry

We also integrated the libraries with Native Instruments new Native Kontrol Standard. That means that if you own a Komplete Kontrol keyboard or Maschine, all the knobs will be labeled and automated by default. It also takes advantage of their Light Guide technology, which gives you a convenient visualization of the different keyswitches and keyranges available. In addition to converting the old preset system to use Kontakt’s snapshots, we took the opportunity to add a bunch of new factory presets for both libraries, too.

If you purchased either library (including the Evolution Guitar Bundle) October 1st or later, we’ve given you these upgrades completely free of charge! Just log into your account’s download section, where you’ll find the new upgraded versions.

Otherwise, the upgrade can be purchased for $20 USD. Just make sure you’re logged into your account in order to get the special upgrade price. Discounts can also be applied to this upgrade–for example, you can redeem your Orange Slices to discount this upgrade up to 50% off.

The Evolution Strawberry and Steel Strings libraries are available for purchase for $179 USD each.

More information: Orange Tree Samples