Orchestral Tools has announced the release of The Nocturne Violin, a Soloists Series instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The sounds were sampled from selected Berlin artists and designed to capture a solo-style dynamic range and a variety of lyrical expressions. Months of development and test recordings led Orchestral Tools to develop Capsule, new concept in legato and articulation sampling.

Because it was recorded in the Teldex Solo Booth, it will fit with the Berlin Series. The specific acoustic properties of this room lead to a more intimate and direct sound to enable a user to place the Nocturne Solo Violin close up in front of the orchestra.

With an extended version of the innovative Adaptive Legato System, the Nocturne Violin is intended to be playable and shine at every tempo, for slow emotional legato lines as well as for quick and very fast detaché Runs.

Nocturne Violin features

  • 14 different legato performances at different speeds, expressions and techniques.
  • Choose between slurred or detaché playing in any legato patch.
  • Many different long notes with a variety of different lengths, dynamics and expressions for a maximum of realism.
  • Single Dynamic Layer Concept to reduce phasing to a minimum.
  • Recorded at the Teldex Solo Booth.

Soloists I: Nocturne Violin is available for purchase for 249 EUR (+VAT where applicable). Requires Kontakt 5 full version.

More information: Orchestral Tools / The Nocturne Violin