Origin Sound has released its new sample pack Ice Cold, a Trap and Hip Hop pack stacked with lots of stoic Trap collages, mean mugging melodies, sub zero basses and much more.

Origin Sound Ice Cold

‘Ice Cold’ is truly a giant mountain of professional level music samples. You can start your expedition by hiking through the music loops folder. Full of an eclectic mix of content, the music loops folder contains elements like: wonky dissonant analogue leads, reverberant dark atmospheres, cassette textured lead plucks, spooky pitch bending pianos, warm and moody e-piano arpeggios, luscious and evolving pads, vibey organ progressions, chunky analogue basses, 808s that will fly kick you in the chest and much more.

Inside the music loops folder there is also a song starters folder containing full ideas that combine bass, chords and melodics into one expertly crafted loop. These song starter loops are a great place to discover some inspiration or acquire some new knowledge.

The pack also includes drum loops and drum hits and some invaluable SFX and 808 shots. Ice Cold is £29.95 GBP at Prime Loops.

With the RNB Soul Future Slow Jams pack, you get an invaluable glance into the ever-changing world of RNB, featuring all the tools and inspiration you need to drive your music up a gear.

Origin Sound RNB Soul

‘RNB Soul’ is overflowing with flavour and some of its juiciest parts are in the music loops folder. Including well over 100 samples, there is a plethora of diverse ideas to pick from.

Whether you are in need of thick and chunky 808s, slappy bass licks, textural and morphing pads, wavey synth progressions, dusty melodic chops, smooth and soulful Rhodes chords, funky guitar licks, rhythmic synth stabs or twinkling arps, the pack has all the elements required to dial in that perfect vibe. There is also a handpicked selection of expertly performed and mixed vocal lines. With a scarcity of authentic sounding vocal packs that reflect the modern trends among genres like RnB and soul, the vocals in this ‘RNB Soul’ are a blessing.

All the music loops are organized into different folders including bass, chords, melodics, vocals and song starters. This clean organization of content allows you to swiftly navigate the sounds.

Drum loops and hits, 808 one shots and quirky effects are included as well. RNB Soul is £34.95 GBP.

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More information: Prime Loops