Origin Sound has launched its new sample pack The Plug: Trap + Hip Hop Beats, a collection of samples that fuse the pounding sonics and polished production qualities of Trap with the more emotive nature of Hip Hop.

Origin Sound The Plug

Pull together all the resources for your next Trap / Hip Hop instrumental from The Plug. An incredibly versatile multi-faceted library spanning across various styles and attitudes. The Plug expertly fuses the pounding sonics and polished production qualities of Trap with the more emotive nature of Hip Hop’s musical elements.

It is a must-have staple for any and every Trap & Hip Hop producer. Expand your library with samples that provide a solid foundation for creativity and exploration.

The Plug features

  • 15 808 Hits.
  • 102 Drum One-Shots.
  • 77 Drum Loops.
  • 128 Music Loops.
  • 22 SFX.

Shade: Moody Trap Beats delivers unapologetically Trap beats with a moody vibe, giving yours beats a feeling of being the soundtrack to a city nightscape.

Origin Sound Shade

Write the coldest instrumentals with ‘Shade’, an unapologetic Trap beat library with cutting edge sonic aesthetics that will make your beats stand out from the rest. Shade provides sub-zero 808s that could shatter glass, piercing mix-ready drum hits that carve through your mixes with ease, and a plethora of musical loops to give your beats attitude.

The selection of musical elements are what give this pack its moody vibe, giving yours beats a feeling of being the soundtrack to a city nightscape. Shade is an essential addition to any aspiring or professional Trap or HipHop producer looking to expand their instrumental game.

Shade features

  • 158 Musical Loops.
  • 32 Drum Loops & Fills.
  • 92 Drum One-Shots.
  • 18 808 One-Shots.
  • 25 SFX.

Real Love: RNB Cuts brings authentic musical RNB Cuts containing soulful basslines, shimmering guitars, mix-ready drums, emotive vocals and more.

Origin Sound Real Love

Real Love are the most authentic musical RNB Cuts in the game. An extensive selection of expertly sculpted loops and samples, from soulful basslines, shimmering bluesy guitars, mix-ready drums, emotive vocals, and plenty more.

This collection of RNB Cuts is an invaluable addition to any producer looking to delve deeper into the world of RNB, Trap, Pop, and beyond. Providing professionally crafted tools to aid the creative process from start to finish.

Real Love features

  • 10 808 One-Shots.
  • 80 Drum One-Shots.
  • 11 Drum Loops.
  • 39 Chord Loops.
  • 20 Melodics.
  • 64 Songstarters.

Thicc Drums: Trap & Hip Hop comes with a selection of mix-ready loops and one-shots that will carve through your mixes and elevate your beats.

Origin Sound Thicc Drums

Ranging from 90-160 BPM, this expansive library caters for all your needs. From high energy patterns through to more downtempo arrangements with intricate percussion lines to keep your track rolling. Various timbres can be found, from crunchy snares and beefy distorted kicks, through to rounder sounding kicks and mellow snares for a more laid back vibe for your kit.

Don’t let the title fool you, in true Origin Sound fashion Thicc Drums also comes armed with a plethora of musical elements, from stacks, stems, vocals and 808s to accompany your beats. Get hold of these cutting edge loops to kickstart your inspiration.

Thicc Drums provides you with high-quality industry-standard samples that are professionally mixed and balanced, ready to be thrown into yourDAW. Removing the element of engineer and mixing will allow you to let loose and purely focus on getting creative.

Thicc Drums features

  • 120 Drum hits.
  • 80 Drum loops.
  • 25 Bass loops.
  • 26 Musical chops.
  • 10 Melodic loops.
  • 33 Song Starters.
  • 10 Vocals.
  • 20 808 Hits.
  • 20 SFX.

The sample packs are available at Prime Loops for only £8.95 GBP each for a limited time (regular £29.95 GBP).

More information: Prime Loops