ADSR Sounds has launched Future Vibes, a new Origin Sound sample pack featuring a collection of sounds by Cole Sipe.

The pack tastefully blurs the line between digital and analog timbres, presenting a creative fusion of samples that will no doubt become a valuable asset to any producers sample bank arsenal.

This library is a perfect demonstration of how this current new wave of Future / Hip Hop producers is continuously pushing new and exciting avenues whether that be musically or the overall sonic aesthetic. Future Vibes conjures up a plethora of exciting samples just itching to inspire your next beat.

An elected selection of 15 drum loops provide the infrastructure for Future Vibes, which includes separate stems for interchangeable grooves, as well as a range of extra percussive foley-infused loops to add elegance to your rhythm section.

Additionally, the notable 61 single drum one shots allow you to create your own beats from a variety of different drum hits such as foley layered snares, crackling tops and roomy kick drums.
Where Future Vibes really comes into its own is with the rich tapestry of musical loops and one shots at your disposal, from dusty pianos layered with unique tasteful vocal chops, warped melodies that add that creative stamp on your productions, all the way through to warm bass guitars, all with accompanying MIDI files for those who wish to add their own unique style.

Of course for the final details of the pack Future Vibes comes equipped with a selection of characterful yet versatile SFX, from warped vinyl crackles to impacts and noise risers, for those final flurries of detail to take your beats to the next level.

Future Vibes features

  • 61 Authentic drum hits.
  • 15 Detailed drum loops (with stem bounce).
  • 10 Bonus percussion loop.
  • 10 Creative bass loops (+MIDI).
  • 10 Lush chord loops (+MIDI).
  • 12 Catchy melody loops (+MIDI).
  • 20 Versatile musical one shots.
  • 20 Characterful SFX.
  • Total Number Of Files: 217.

The sample pack is on sale for $24 USD (regular $29.29 USD).

More information: ADSR Sounds