Sugar Audio has released version 2.5 of Oscarizor Pro, a parametric multi analyzer effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Sugar Audio Oscarizer 2.5 oscparallelstereo3d
Sugar Audio Oscarizer 2.5 uicolor3

Sugar Audio Oscarizer 2.5 spec3d3

Sugar Audio Oscarizer 2.5  comb3dparallel

Extensive 3D capabilities, the multi channel gonio meter, combined views, 255 send channels, all-in-one multi panel control, free resizing and custom UI coloration are some of the new features that have to be explored.

Changes in Oscarizor v2.5

  • 3d multi channel spectrum analyzer & oscilloscope (Pro).
  • 360 degrees three axis 3d rotation, free positioning and zooming (Pro).
  • Free window resizing by direct input or dragging (Free/Pro).
  • Gonio meter analyzer added (Free/Pro).
  • Multi channel support for gonio meter (Pro).
  • Combined views Osc/Spectrum or Osc/Spectrum/Gonio meter (Pro).
  • Custom UI coloration (Free/Pro).
  • Maximum 255 send channels (16 before) (Pro).
  • Spectrum analyzer low frequency down to 10Hz (25Hz before) (Free/Pro).
  • Spectrum analyzer high frequency up to Nyquist (Pro).
  • Instrument tuner switch FFT size and function memory (Pro).
  • Mono mix average sum switch (Free/Pro).
  • Smoother high limit is now 30x (instead of 20x) (Pro).
  • Test tone is now at -12db (instead of 0db) (Free/Pro).
  • Graphic controls consolidated to new GFX panel (Free/Pro).
  • All-in-one switch shows as many controls as possible in one panel (Free/Pro).
  • Receive channels show names of sending channels (Pro).
  • Grid on/off switches (Free/Pro).
  • Performance tuning (Free/Pro).
  • Bug-fixes.

Oscarizor Pro for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available for purchase for 34.95 EUR. The update is free for existing customers and the free version has been extended as well.

More information: Sugar Audio