Oscillicious has announced the availability of SongStarter, a new application bringing organic music production to the desktop for the first time. SongStarter 1.0 is now available for Windows and Mac OS X and incorporates improvements based on public beta feedback.

Oscillicious SongStarter

SongStarter is an organic music production app for jamming.

SongStarter is an organic music production app for jamming using a live looping workflow. Starting with a beat, musicians can instantly jam using 31 builtin instruments and write music naturally with a simple, innovative workflow.
SongStarter captures the ease of jamming with real instruments, in an all-inclusive software environment on the desktop for the first time. Jams are stored in industry standard formats and are exportable to all popular DAWs via drag and drop. SongStarter is compatible with all USB MIDI keyboards.

Featuring presets from the SodaSynth and Analog Extracts plug-ins by Oscillicious, SongStarter also includes a broad range of classic sampled instruments. Combined with 14 drum beats by producer Carlo Carosi, the result is a unique distraction-free environment for quick songwriting and musical brainstorming. In an endless sea of musical toy apps for mobile platforms and increasingly complex digital audio workstations on the desktop, SongStarter breaks new ground and bridges the gap between productivity and entertainment for musicians.

The SongStarter 1.0 release incorporates many improvements as a result of feedback received during the public beta period including higher quality instruments, external recording, and numerous usability tweaks.

SongStarter for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for $39.99 USD / 34.99 EUR / £29.99 GBP.

More information: Oscillicious / SongStarter