Oscillicious has updated its BeatCleaver beat slicing tool for Windows and Mac to version 1.2.1.

Whether you’re slicing drum loops for electronica or cutting melodies for beat making, BeatCleaver makes a great producer’s companion. The less time you spend editing audio, the more time you spend making music.

Changes in BeatCleaver v1.2.1

  • Important compatibility improvements with files containing non-Roman characters. If you’re slicing files with non-ASCII titles or work with non-Western music, you’ll want to update.
  • Fixed a related bug in our open source library libaudiodecoder.
  • Added the currently open file’s name to the window title.
  • Fixed a crash when moving a slice’s end point after playing.
  • Minor improvements to the registration process.
  • Fixed a settings saving bug on Mac OS X.
  • All Windows packages are now certified and signed.
  • Fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

BeatCleaver is available to purchase for $15 USD/12 EUR/£10 GBP. Registered users can download this update at no cost. An updated free trial version is available for download from the BeatCleaver site.

More information: Oscillicious / BeatCleaver