Osiris Synths has released version 2.0 of Cymbiant, an 8 voice polyphonic synthesizer VST instrument for Windows PC.

Osiris Synths Cymbiant 2.0

Changes in Cymbiant v2.0

  • 25 new presets by Osiris + 7 in seperate folder. Presets by Murky, S-N-S, Totolitoto & Vim Cortez, 140 presets in all.
  • Cleaned up sound engine for lower CPU & better sound.
  • Made the Supasaw a Supawave, modeled after Nord Supersaw. FM modulates Supawave now. Sync on Supawave will still produce clicks.
  • LFO now has 2 routing choices. More choices added.
  • Added EQ for better sound.
  • Added Flanger (To access hidden fx: Click on name of fx in the Chorus FX box. Dropdown list lets you choose, Chorus, EQ, or Flanger.
  • New skin by Totolitoto.

Delay and other things are planning for Cymbiant 3.

Note: read the included instructions for use of Cymbiant 2.0 on multi-core machines.

Download Cymbiant v2.0 below (5.1 MB)

 Osiris Cymbiant v2.0 (Download size: 5.19 MB)

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