Expressive E has announced that the final version of its Osmose 49 full-size keys synthesizer with three-dimensional control is now available to pre-order.

A new standard for musical expressivity, the Osmose uses intuitive gestures to control the standalone synthesizer and enhance your playing and production skills.

Press, bend, shake, strum & more to interact with keyboards & electronic sounds in a new organic way. Whether you’re a veteran keyboardist, a workflow-oriented producer, a daring sound designer, or anything in between, Osmose will take your musical journey to uncharted places.

Developed by Expressive E, the Augmented Keyboard Action (A.K.A.) is the technology inside every key of Osmose. It offers a seamless connection between every gesture played by the musician & the resulting sound. This means that despite being an electronic synthesizer, Osmose feels more like an acoustic instrument to play.

The internal EaganMatrix sound engine, developed by Haken Audio, is at home with FM, virtual analog, and physical modeling synthesis, as well as everything in-between and married with the unique keybed, allowing players to press, bend, shake, strum & more in a new organic way.

Osmose is designed with sustainability in mind and is made of 66% recycled materials, features a glue-less assembly, meaning Osmose can be disassembled completely with only two commonly-found screwdrivers and has an auto-diagnostic tool developed specifically for Osmose keyboards to help solve customer support requests more efficiently and reduce unnecessary shipments.

The Osmose is available for pre-order for 1,799 EUR. Delivery is expected in Q2, 2023.

More information: Expressive E