Ossia.io has announced the release of ossia score 3 beta, an update to the free, open-source, cross-platform sequencer that is designed for precise and flexible scripting of interactive scenarios.

The interactive and intermedia sequencer allows you to score multimedia content and processes in a timeline, such as sound, MIDI, OSC messages, video, VST plugins, scripts, with a specifically tailored visual language.

It has two defining features: first, the signal processing being applied can evolve over time. The first half of a score can have a given set of effects applied on sound, video… , and the second part of the score, a completely different set of effects being applied. Second, the timeline can encode interactivity: it is possible to state that a part of the score will only execute when someone touches a control or does something on stage, while others are kept in check with the musical beat, and then resynchronize these multiple competing timelines afterwards.

Version 3 fulfills the long-term goal of intermedia score authoring of the ossia project, by allowing our timeline to combine state-of-the-art audio, control and video processing pipelines in a single integrated system.

Where the version 2 focused on integrating audio processing to the execution engine, version 3’s defining feature are video processing & playback support, which opens ossia score to the VJ world, and musical metrics support, which enables its use in works requiring tempo and beats.

The beta version of ossia score 3 is available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux. The final release is scheduled in early autumn.

More information: Ossia