Output, Inc., developer of creative software instruments for musicians, composers and producers, has moved to Output.com. The creator of popular instruments REV and SIGNAL was previously found at Outputsounds.com.

Since the company’s launch in November 2013, Output has been often mistakenly referred to as Output Sounds due to the domain name. With this move, Output’s goal is to shed “Sounds” and become widely known as its proper name – “Output”.

In addition to the domain move, Output has also changed its Facebook and Instagram accounts from /outputsounds to /output.

Output recently released REV X-LOOPS, a brand new instrument based on the acclaimed REV Loops Engine from it’s reverse instrument REV. REV X-LOOPS includes 2GB of multi-layered loops and features a robust engine for manipulating, tweaking and discovering new sonic possibilities. The $99 instrument along with SIGNAL and REV is available at Output.com.

More information: Output