Outsim SynthMaker

Outsim has released version 1.1.3 of SynthMaker, a complete graphical programming environment that allows anyone to create their own VST plugins without having to write any code.

This release is all about fixes and enhancements to get the software on a sounder footing. In particular we completely changed the way that Float, Int and Boolean components integrate with stream sections. This makes the initialisation of sound processes much faster and so vastly decreases the potential for clicks when you play a note.

One other issue that had us tied in knots for a while is a change to the way that hops work. We had to change this because it was the culprit for many of the clicking problems that some people were having. I will post separately on exactly what we changed and how it might affect you. For the vast majority this will have no effect – other than to fix the clicking of course :-)

There are a few small enhancements. For example, pasting will now occur at the mouse position and text and code components retain their scroll positions. However, mostly this release is about improving stability.

SynthMaker is available for Windows PC, priced at £65 GBP / €95 EUR / $133 USD for a personal license, and £125 GBP / €185 EUR / $255 USD for a standard license.