Overloud has introduced its latest expansion pack for the TH-U amp simulation plugin. Created by Bert Meulendijk, BM Pro Acoustic is dedicated to acoustic guitar processing.

With 29 rigs and 22 patches that cover various acoustic styles of playing, from strumming to fingerpicking (steel and nylon string), the expansion has been created by capturing multiple acoustic pre-amps and pedals.

“I have used a Jonker L-00 loaded with a K&K pure mini pickup which is a piezo system and a Martin D41 loaded with an LR Baggs Anthem pickup, which is a system that uses a mic, piezo, and a blend of those two. So, I’ve tried to use a wide spectrum of pickup types. I use both guitars for live gigs and in the studio. For the nylon string parts, I’ve used a Yamaha APX-10NA. I tweaked this set of rigs to sit right in a mix, although they can easily be used for solo purposes too.” – Bert Meulendijk

Regularly priced $29 USD, BM Pro Acoustic is on sale for the intro price of $19 USD at the Overloud store and from distributor PluginFox.

The offer expires April 15th, 2023.