Overloud has introduced a new reverb impulse library for the REmatrix multilayer convolution reverb in collaboration with Sabino Cannone of Morevox.

A collection of 250 IRs and 100 individual presets, Hybrid Platinum synthesizes the fascinating life of real spaces with the soundness of digital reverb units.

Up to ten multiple reverb sources have been spread in the stereo field and mixed together using Tube summing mixers in order to achieve unique textures.

The custom MoReVoX IRs developing process based on the harmonic distortion is in Hybrid Platinum at its best; the biggest part of the Hybrid processing has been done with multiple stages of Analog processing in order to increase as much as possible the harmonics contents.

Hybrid Platinum includes the free REmatrix Player. It is on sale for the intro price of 49 USD/EUR until May 19th, 2023 (regular 79 USD/EUR). The offer is available from PluginFox and at the Overloud store.