Overloud has partnered with the Fusion-Rock guitar hero Greg Howe to create TH-U Greg Howe Signature Pack, an amp simulation software dedicated to the fusion-rock style. Greg’s go-to pedal, amplifier and cabinet setups are in this TH-U Edition.

TH-U is one of the world’s leader amp simulation software. It offers a growing collection of 243 models, 20,000+ captured rigs and 40,000+ Cabinet IRs

Greg Howe is one of the most influential American jazz-rock and fusion guitarist: he toured with VIP artists like Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. As of 2022, Greg has recorded 19 albums for major record labels, including 9 soloist albums.

TH-U Greg Howe Pack features

  • DV Little GH 250 Tube Clean Signature head.
  • DV Little GH 250 Tube Lead Signature head.
  • Mr. Howe Plexi head.
  • 2×12 DV 212 Greg Howe Signature cabinet.
  • CM Plexiphone overdrive pedal.
  • … in addition to 4 amps, 5 cabs and 12 effects including overdrive, compressor, delay and modulation pedals.
  • 21 patches of the Greg’s most influential tones.

TH-U Greg Howe is both a TH-U expansion pack and a standalone plugin. It is on sale for the intro price of 59 EUR (regular 99 EUR), with a 14-day free trial available to download. The pack is also available for TH-U for iOS (iPhone and iPad).

More information: Overloud