Overloud TH1

Overloud has released version 1.1.1 of TH1, a custom guitar effect suite for Windows and Mac.

Changes in TH1 v1.1.1

  • Fixes
    • Installers on Mac now always work properly.
    • Leds on amplifiers sometimes were not working properly.
    • Tremolo Intensity range is now correctly displayed (0 to 10).
    • fixed a bug leading to random crashes when closing a dialogue window.
    • fixed a bug that lead to a ‘static’ (stuttering due to continuous rettriggering) LFO behavior when some hosts were not in play.
    • both Internal and Variation BPM can be dragged to Smarts and ‘tappable’ both from the GUI and via MIDI.
    • now Spatial and Comb Delay are correctly recalled.
    • when saving a MIDI Binding, the saved preset is automatically selected in the preset display.
    • fixed a small bug in diode-based pedals (Tube Nine, Diode 250, etc…).
  • Enhancements
    • Module presets are now organized and browsed for in an alphabetic order.
    • optimizations in the Variation loading processes which should lead to a faster loading of the GUI when switching presets; the audio engine switching is seamless as before.
    • added a preference to limit editing (dragging and loading modules and double click to bypass…) in the Overview.
    • added a dialogue in the Browser when trying to overwrite a Variation, Sound or Bank. These operations when done in the Browser are always destructive.
    • added a preference to deactivate the above-mentioned Browser window dialogues.
    • Added credits for Recabinet and Wild Hades (Impulse Responses).
    • in Smart Connections window, when in Step mode, ‘apply to all’ arrows were added to ease the job.

TH1 is available for Windows and Mac for 249 EUR (worldwide) / $349 USD (USA and Canada). The version 1.1.1 update is free for registered users. A 14-day full-featured demo is available for download here.

Visit Overloud for more information and audio demos.