P5Audio has released West Coast Chop Shop, a collection of loop sets

P5Audio West Coast Chop Shop

West Coast Chop Shop is our newest West Coast Construction Kit featuring 10 bangin’ modern style West Coast loop sets, arranged into 5 song sets. Each song set features an A hook style section along with a completely different bridge / verse B section. All loop patterns, melodies and ideas are completely different between each A and B section. These loop sets can be used as complete song sets or as 10 isolated individual loop sets. All files are ready to be dropped into the music production DAW of your choice! No matter how you decide to get creative with the West Coast Chop Shop, we guarantee that your tracks will be the hardest hitting bangers on the block, period!

West Coast Chop Shop features

  • 10 complete multi-track construction kits, arranged into 5 song sets. Each song set has a hook style A section, along with a bridge / verse style B section, so your tracks will have extra musical depth.
  • 125 individual loops total (375 individual loops including all formats).
  • All parts and instruments are multi-tracked and separated, including custom built drums, pianos, strings, brass, fx, percussion, synths, Cali highs and more.
  • All key signatures and tempos are provided.
  • All loops and sounds are royalty free.

West Coast Chop Shop is currently available to purchase for $16.79 USD (30% off regular price).

More information: P5Audio / West Coast Chop Shop