PACE Anti-Piracy Inc. has announced the release of a new version of the iLok USB Smart Key.

The iLok was redesigned from the ground up with usability considerations and performance in mind. The new iLok holds over 500 software license authorizations; five times the number of software licenses than the previous iLok.

Design improvements include the security loop on the end of the iLok so that two iLoks may now be placed side by side in adjacent USB ports, a stronger USB connector, and a new solid body making the iLok more durable than ever. The second generation iLok is fully compatible with the original iLok.

New iLok USB Smart Key

  • Smaller: two iLoks now fit side by side in adjacent USB ports.
  • Stronger: sturdier USB connector and solid body makes it one tough iLok.
  • Higher Capacity: holds over 500 software license authorizations.
  • Customizable: add a custom label under the protective sleeve – no more guessing which iLok is which.
  • Hip: sleek black design and cool blue LED.

The 2nd generation iLok is available to purchase for $49.95 USD.

More information: iLok