Bela D Media has announced the release of Paravox X – Ambient Vocal Design, a new Kontakt instrument library inspired by Paravox Youth Soprano.

Featuring the same youth soprano, Paravox X is created with previously unreleased vowel samples from the original Paravox recordings. With careful manipulation and imaginative sound design, Paravox X is to be considered a gathering of vocal generated ambient pads. The composer can perform solo voice, single lines or full chordal composition. Paravox X gives special emphasis to the delicate and ethereal genre of music. From ghostly to angelic.

Paravox X includes sustained vocal elements such as HUM, MEH, LAH and many more derived from chromatically sampled vowels. In addition, each sustained vocal element has softly embedded sound designed textures such as icy whispers and ghostly breath.

Paravox X features

  • Soprano solo voice 16 years of age.
  • Studio dry-environment audio.
  • Historic Church IRF included.
  • Near microphone positioning.
  • Recorded via the CAD Trion 8000 tube microphone and Pro Tool.

Paravox X for Kontakt (full version) is available for purchase now for $59.99 USD (MSRP $119.99 USD). You can use coupon code REKKERDSAVE20 at the checkout to receive 20% discount on a purchase of this or any other full version product at the Bela D Media store.

More information: Bela D Media