Parawave Audio has released a new Rapid expansion pack inspired by the attributes of movie soundtracks, Hollywood compositions and cinematic characteristics.

Cinematic Exposure heavily focuses on expression, tension and uniquely crafted sequences, instruments, drums and textures.

Parawave Audio Cinematic Exposure

Intensively accelerated bass sequences, futuristic synthesizer arpeggios, thrilling textures. Voluminous synthesized brass, dynamic strings, intricate atmospheric drones, pads and motions. Exceptionally detailed synthetic mallets, woodwinds, strings and plucked sounds.

Exposed to this special combination of sampled and synthesized instruments, you will get everything you need to create suspense, emotion and boost your production with extraordinary details.

With the high advantage of editability, every patch can easily be transformed to fulfill multiple new purposes: As atmospheric element, dynamic foliage or hard hitting sound effect. Let your imagination decide!

The expansion includes:

  • 147 Sound Presets.
  • 148 Wavetables.
  • 160 Multi-Samples.

The expansion is on sale at 30% off until December 28th, 2019.

More information: Parawave Audio