Parawave Audio updates Rapid synthesizer to v1.5 + 25% OFF Sale


Parawave Audio has released version 1.5.0 of its Rapid virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

The update includes a new resizable GUI, hardware accelerated drawing, and many additional features, improvements and fixes.

Parawave Audio Rapid 1.5

We updated Rapid to version 1.5.0 and added an overhauled scalable 16:9 HD user interface, ready for modern 4K displays.

Hardware accelerated drawing via graphics processing unit and OpenGL also relieve the processor and allows for smooth 60 frames per second visualizations.

All wavetable effects are now drawn in real-time, visualizing the parameter changes in the display, making it easier to understand how the waveform is processed.

Thirteen new wavetable effect models including Asymmetric Clip, Sync Add, Formant Shift, Bend Side/Mid/Double/Mirror and Phase Overlap 2x/3x.

Rapid (VST/AU) costs 179.99 EUR.

In celebration of the update, the Rapid Synthesizer and all Rapid Extensions are on sale at 25% off until the October 7th, 2018.

More information: Parawave Audio

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