Particular Rough Crustings

Particular Audio has launched Rough Crustings, a new Euro Munchies series sample library featuring 100+ Eurorack sequence loops.

In the third installment of the Euro Munchies series we serve you truly appetizing morsels of analogue dirt and filth. As unique and wonderfully weird as the previous packs, these Eurorack sequences will transform your tracks into oozing analogue night glows – for anything four to the floor, downtempo, urban or cinematic.

Just as the previous packs, these loops were created through feeding clock signals from a DAW into a setup of Eurorack sequencers, oscillators, filters and effects – and then processing the resulting sequences in the digital domain – retaining all the magic and weirdness coming from the analog circuits in sync and under control for maximum musical ability.

The sample pack costs £14.95 GBP.

More information: Particular / Rough Crustings