Particular Euro Munchies Tonal Toppings

Particular Audio has released Euro Munchies – Tonal Toppings, the first sample pack in a new series of Eurorack sequence loops.

Insert these unique “tonal” sounds into anything in need of something really out of the ordinary – be it four to the floor, downtempo, urban or cinematic.

Created through the exploration of rhythmic possibilities in analogue traditional and Cartesian sequencers, and rotating clock dividers in a Eurorack modular system, by feeding clock signals from a DAW and process the resulting sequences in the digital domain – retaining all the magic and weirdness coming from the analog circuits in sync and under control for maximum musical ability.

Instead of focusing on any specific genre or style of sound the goal here has been to squeeze out the unique, personal and odd from the hardware, and find emergent source sequences using high quality analogue oscillators combined with digital wave table ones, frequency modulation, low pass gates, filters, distortion, frequency shifter among others.

The modular system consists of selected modules from about 20 different brands: Makenoise, 4ms, Cwejman, Doepfer, TipTop audio, Plan B, Intellijel and a Roland system 100 Model 101. Digital real time processing mainly through Soundtoys and Fabfilter suites.

The sample pack costs £14.95 GBP.

More information: Particular / Euro Munchies – Tonal Toppings