Particular-Sound Xenox Loop Expansion

Particular-Sound has announced the release of the Xenox Loop Expansion for the Ultraloop sampler instrument for NI Reaktor by Twisted Tools.

Xenox Loop Expansion for Twisted Tools “Ultraloop” sampler features 150 new presets, 128 new drum, sfx and percussion loops made by Frank “Xenox” Neumann from particular-sound.

With the main tempo of 128bpm, these loops are designed for the club and could be a nice starting point for a new track. A user will find in this collection nice and deep percussion, bass, hi-hat and complete drumloops using the features of Ultraloop like filters, the glitch and stutter effects or the envelopes for each slice.

With Ultraloop’s random function, a user can generate hundreds of new snapshots by just clicking one button.

Xenox Loop Expansion features

  • 150 New Preset (snapshots).
  • 128 New drum, sfx and percussion Loops.
  • Recorded in 128bpm, 16-bit and 44,1kHz.

The sound expansion is available for purchase for $19 USD. Requires full version of Native Instruments Reaktor 5 and Twisted Tools Ultraloop.

More information: Particular-Sound / Xenox Loop Expansion