Past To Future has released two bass sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. Detroit Bass brings the sounds of a 1960s vintage bass guitar with a maple neck.

The real strength of this bass guitar lies in its playability. No machine-gun effect thanks to Multi-Round-Robin.

The typical JAMES JAMERSON-feeling can be felt due to the different articulations. The Analog taste gives the bass character and the flavor it needs for a realistic performance of a bass guitar. This is how the bass cuts through your mix in an authentic way.

Also available is Fat Moog Bass, a multi-sampled instrument with a fat bass sound.

The 80s are back and the sound of this (holy grail) legendary bass synthesizer gives you the authentic “MULLET” feel.

Finally no more machine gun effect for fat bass rhythm parts, as with other products of this type. With the magic of Round Robins, thanks to “30 samples per note” on every key, it is as alive as a source of NEW convincing inspiration of the ORIGINAL hardware.

Detroit Bass and Fat Moog Bass is available for purchase for $10 USD and $15 USD, respectively.

More information: Past To Future