Past To Future has returned with a new sample library for Kontakt that allows you to play power chords with a single finger on your keyboard.

These Amped POWER CHORDS are so easy to use (and absolutely foolproof). You need only one finger, a keyboard, and NO guitar! You can play power chords with this wonderful E-GUITAR: Jag-Stang RW Sonic Blue.

Thanks to RoundRobins it still sounds alive: 20 alternative samples per key! Easily controllable articulations and a clever script so that the E-GUITAR performance sounds really authentic.

Nirvana Power Chords Strummer features

  • Mix-ready amped guitar samples.
  • Clear and easy to use interface.
  • Efficient control of the stereo width.
  • Articulations controllable via key velocity (palm muting power-chords and shattered, piercing, aggressive and open power-chords.
  • Authentic guitar noises on the note “d” and “e”.
  • An inspiring and helpful composition tool and suitable for a guaranteed successful live performance.
  • 20 alternative samples per key.
  • Quality gear chain.

Priced $10 USD, the library is available for Kontakt 5.4.3 or higher (full version).

More information: Past To Future