Past To Future has announced the release of Sky Reverb, a new impulse response collection.

After so many requests, we finally did it! We made the IR’s of the most popular and also the best sounding reverb pedal (Blue) that has ever been made!

The variations of the reverbs you will get in this pack are amazing! 96 Presets 638 MB Stereo Wav IR’s

This is one of the biggest reverb libraries that we have ever made! This reverb does not only shine on the guitar but on everything!

The IR pack costs $15 USD.

Also available is the Motown Double Bass instrument for Kontakt.

If you like the old big fat double bass sound that can give your tracks a massive foundation, look no further!

If you like the double bass sound of the 50s-60s, this one is for you.

The sample library is available for $10 USD. Both products are available from the Past To Future Reverbs shop.

Additionally, a free 12-Bit Hip-Hop Drums pack has been released.

We took some vinyl drum breaks, ran them HOT through an Akai S-900 12-bit sampler to get crunch, ran them through the Akai s900’s awesome analog filter with different settings, and pitched the breaks, and recorded various versions of them! You will find very cool breaks, all crunched and filtered, and pitched at different settings ready for you to chop!

We also ran all the breaks through a Tegeler Hardware compressor with awesome sounding transformers to make the sound bigger! You will get the compressed version as a separate file!

12-Bit Hip-Hop Drums is a free download at Past To Future Samples.