Past To Future has announced the release of the Telefunk M15 Tape Machine Max for Live device for Ableton Live.

The device has an easy to use GUI with controls for tape saturation, tape compression/limiting, tape selection, dry/wet mix, and hi-boost.

After years in research and experimenting with IRS, we have finally managed to make one of the best sounding tape simulators out there using: Impulse Responses from our beloved Telefunken M15 Tape Recorder, real tape noise and combining them with tape saturation and analog limiting simulations and our ears!

Beside The TELEFUNK M15 MAX TAPE Device (Tapevolver) you will also get 15 Custom Made Tape Presets for it.

Telefunk M15 Tape Machine for Ableton Live Suite 10+ and Max for Live is available for purchase at Past To Future for $29 USD.