Past To Future’s latest drum sample library is titled Demarco Drums, a collection of fat, juicy drums recorded to analog tape using the “Fat drums” mic position.

Past To Future Samples Demarco Drums

Vintage Rogers kit sampled using a Fostex A8 tape recorder and a vintage Tascam 312 recording console with all the analog goodness coming from them!

Demarco Drums features

  • Easy to use Kontakt interface.
  • If you don’t own the full version of Kontakt, this library works with the free Kontakt Player for 20 minutes (you can reload after 20 minutes and keep using).
  • 24bit/48khz wave files are included if you don’t use Kontakt.
  • Many round robins and velocity for each drum.

The sample library costs $15 USD at Past To Future Samples.

Also available is a new free Kontakt library featuring the unmistakable drum sound of ’80s synth-pop. Pet Shop Drums pays tribute to one of Past To Future Samples’ favorite bands from this revolutionary music era that has shaped pop music to this day.

Past To Future Pet Shop Drums

So, we decided to make a little journey through time, got into our self-made time machine, and beamed ourselves back to the 80s direct into “NY Unique Studios” in 1984. We sampled this legendary electronic drum sound.

Although this is an electronic drum machine, it was important to us that it also had round robins to reproduce the lively sound of an analog synthesizer.

Pet Shop Drums features

  • Recorded with Studer A812 Tape Recorder.
  • 24bit/48khz.
  • Easy to use simple Kontakt interface (requires Kontakt 5.4.3 or higher).
  • Wave files are included if you don’t use Kontakt.
  • Many RR and articulations for each drum.
  • GM Mapped.

The library is a free download.