Past To Future has announced the release of Hi-Fi Studio Drums, a new Kontakt library that brings mix-ready drum sounds with clean and “premixed” instruments.

The library comes with a custom Kontakt interface in which all the drums and microphones are selectable, tunable with decay and dampening controls, along with a built-in mixer.

Imagine going to a really good, well-treated studio with awesome well-tuned drums, amazing preamps, cool microphones (both vintage and modern), and state-of-the-art high-end converters and tape machines and recording with a great engineer!

We also ran the drums through very cool gear like Chandler TG, Tube Tech SMC2B, Dbx165a Studer A800 analog tape all having distinct character, giving you the options to either use the clean recordings or blend the other gear to your taste with our custom GUI! We also included a few awesome-sounding presets too!

We have built this nice Kontakt GUI where you can have the cleanest sound you get from the studio straight from the mics to preamps to DAW (and tape)! But we also give you a lot of cool, real gear to process the drums on your own!

Hi-Fi Studio Drums comes with custom presets to get you started, and Wav files (24bit/48khz) are included for use without Kontakt.

The library is $15 USD at Past To Future Samples.